In one of my positions I was very unhappy and hated going to work. The anxiety I got every Sunday was horrible, not to mention I would get sick every morning before having to go into the office. There came a day where I had enough and had to make a plan on next steps.

Unfortunately, the pandemic just started and my mother was just diagnosed with cancer. My plan was to hoard as much money as possible at this point. With everything closed I didn’t spend extra money like I used to, it also helped that I didn’t have a car payment. I put every penny I could in a High Yield Savings Account. After 7 months I saved 9 months worth of living expenses.

I know what you are thinking, what do you consider a living expense? Well in short it is any bill or payment you need to live or survive, such as the following:

I counted my blessings that I hit my goal right on time, things got even worse at work and that is when I took my plan into action. I submitted a 3 week notice, with nothing lined up and told my boss I don’t need this job anymore and need the money even less. I explained that I had 9 months worth of living expenses saved up and I deserved better. He was stunned to say the least, but that was the most liberating thing I have ever done. I want everyone to have a similar experience in the their lifetime. If it is leaving a toxic job, leaving an abusive relationship, moving out of a toxic home or leaving anything that makes you incredibly unhappy.

My saying is that “Money doesn’t always buy happiness, but it does buy peace.” I have really lived that truth and hope that others can believe in that mindset.

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