How Do I Get My Partner On Board With Money Goals?

Getting your spouse onboard with money goals is essential for a healthy financial relationship and achieving shared financial success. Here are some tips to help you facilitate open communication and cooperation in managing your finances together: Remember, financial goals are more achievable when you both work as a team and support each other’s efforts. Open […]

Why You Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement

How to not leave your investments and wealth at risk. If you are a traveler like I am, you always hear the flight attendant say in her safety announcement that “you must put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others”. This is a way to look at creating a prenuptial agreement before putting those […]

Why You Need an F-You Fund

In one of my positions I was very unhappy and hated going to work. The anxiety I got every Sunday was horrible, not to mention I would get sick every morning before having to go into the office. There came a day where I had enough and had to make a plan on next steps. […]