Adriana Galvan, MBA

Founder, Jefa & CEO of Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC

Adriana Galvan has spent over 10 years as an Human Resources Professional, with the majority of that time in the Manufacturing industry. She received her Associates of Arts in Business Administration in 2013 from Elgin Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management in 2016 from Judson University and a double Masters of Business Administration with a Human Resources and Business Management concentration in 2019 from Saint Xavier University.

During her time in her HR profession she was supporting employees who were of immigrant and first generation backgrounds. She has been able to advocate for herself in many ways, such as salary negotiation, vouching for her own growth and development and has left a toxic job in the middle of her career, thanks to saving 9-months of living expenses . In one of her most recent position as an HR Business Partner in the automotive industry, she was laid off and while assisting her employees to prepare for the next chapter, it became apparent that none of her employees are financially ready for an emergency or a layoff. This is where Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC was born.

She has found a way to manage her finances, which has lead her to purchase a home in cash at the age of 18, invest for early retirement, pay off over $18K of consumer debt, create a life for herself where she lives under her means, “shopping around” for the best valued university program, and preparing for the unexpected chapters in life. Adriana has a big heart for helping people and making her community better, Adriana Talks Dinero gives financial literacy education to those who would not otherwise have the resources to build generational wealth.

As a first generation Mexican-American, Adriana has seen the struggles that immigrant and blue collar families go though on a daily basis. The majority of the struggles surround finances. Adriana is in the work of breaking generational trauma and norms to better the individuals in the community. What sets her apart from other financial education platforms is that she has empathy for those who excluded from financial literacy and will explain this challenging and taboo topic to her community in ways that they can comprehend. She will never shame the community for their past financial decisions like other financial gurus have. Adriana’s philosophy is that “Personal finance is personal, and humans are complex with different motivations.” She is able to teach different ways to navigate through financing.

One of her most recent accomplishments is becoming a published co-author for the Latinas In Finances book. Where she spoke on her story and inspired other Latinas to break barriers and make a bet on theirselves. It is a movement to inspire the next generation by showing them that anything is possible.

She is a true collaborator, the majority of her work has been uplifting her community by working with like-minded conveners to empower and uplift the community.

Like she has previously said “I have created this privileged life for myself through all of my struggles, it is time to teach the community how to do the same. I cannot keep this wisdom to myself and Adriana Talks Dinero will change people’s lives and create generational wealth for the future. While money doesn’t always bring happiness, it will definitely bring so much peace to an individual and family.” Her ultimate goal is to help others find their path to financial freedom and feel empowered with their money.