Meet Adriana

Adriana is a first generation Mexican-American whose personal mission is empower her community with Financial Literacy Education. After leaving a toxic job at the beginning of the her career and being laid off  in 2022, she realized how important it is to have financial stability and how much power comes with it.

Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC was created to educate and empower the minority and disadvantaged communities around their knowledge of personal finance by building wealth, knowing their worth, fighting the system oppression and fighting the patriarchy. Because ultimately money is the key to freedom, opportunity and power. Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC believes that every individual should have access to this education, because financial literacy is the best weapon to have.

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Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC Mission & Vision

"To empower individuals on their financial journey, Adriana Talks Dinero is dedicated to providing insightful discussions, valuable resources, and expert advice. We strive to foster financial literacy and confidence, fostering a community where everyone can achieve their financial goals with knowledge and empowerment."


"Aspiring to be a trusted source in the realm of personal finance, Adriana Talks Dinero envisions a future where individuals from all walks of life are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. We aim to create a dynamic platform that fosters a community of financial empowerment, where individuals flourish in their understanding and mastery of financial principles."

Client Testimonials

“I negotiated my pay for the first time ever. I was able to increase my income by $10k! Adriana's scripts and step-by-step was helpful and relieved all of my nerves."
Negotiating Pay & Know Your Worth Worksop Attendee
“The fact that it took me over 20 years for someone to show me that I am wasting money in a big bank when there are so many options where I can grow wealth is insane! I appreciate your patience and kindness through this journey."
1:1 Money Coaching Client
“I am kicking myself in the a** for not reaching out sooner. You made the path to open a LLC in Illinois so much easier to understand. You are right when you said 'they want us to think it's hard to stop us'. Thank you for being that guiding light, I am sending all my entrepreneur friends to you!"
Business 101 Client