Saving Dinero in College

Navigating the financial landscape of college can be daunting, but fear not—we’re here to help you uncover practical tips and tricks to save money on your educational journey. From tuition fees to daily expenses, here are ways to make your college experience affordable without compromising the quality of education. Saving money on college doesn’t mean […]

How Do I Get My Partner On Board With Money Goals?

Getting your spouse onboard with money goals is essential for a healthy financial relationship and achieving shared financial success. Here are some tips to help you facilitate open communication and cooperation in managing your finances together: Remember, financial goals are more achievable when you both work as a team and support each other’s efforts. Open […]

Importance of Money Mindset for Latinas

Money mindset plays a crucial role in shaping one’s financial success and overall well-being. For Latinas, developing a positive and empowered mindset around money is particularly important, given the unique challenges and opportunities they may face. Here are five key considerations for cultivating a strong money mindset specifically tailored for Latinas: Cultivating a positive money […]

Why You Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement

How to not leave your investments and wealth at risk. If you are a traveler like I am, you always hear the flight attendant say in her safety announcement that “you must put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others”. This is a way to look at creating a prenuptial agreement before putting those […]

Why You Need an F-You Fund

In one of my positions I was very unhappy and hated going to work. The anxiety I got every Sunday was horrible, not to mention I would get sick every morning before having to go into the office. There came a day where I had enough and had to make a plan on next steps. […]